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If you laugh at this you are a truly terrible person and should be ashamed of yourself.

With that said, as the terrible people who have posted this bit of shame and public
humiliation on our site....... the real question is WHY?

Ok - What is it about this video that make one become like a deer in headlights?

You can't help but watch it.  You want to stop, but somehow you just can't.

Part of you feels just awful for the guy that was caught dancing like this.  
He clearly has some body comfort issues.  It is really nice that he has taken the plunge
into rump-shakedom, however........ know what I mean.

Do we feel badly for him and think maybe he was just having an off and uncoordinated
day,  or do we celebrate the fact that we live in a country where anyone, of any skill level,
can stand up proudly and shake it like a polaroid picture?

Please do let us know your thoughts on this issue.  Is this mean or funny?

Kindly post your thoughts in the forum or use the feedback form below.
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