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Get Your Zen On:

Press the refresh button on your brain.
You can untap a great deal of wisdom from within yourself.

Just slow down to listen.
Sit comfortably.
Take big, slow even breaths.

Breathe deeply, bring the air all the way in to yourself
so that you can feel it filling all of you up.

Breathe in until you feel full of air all the way down to your tummy.

Place your hands on your lower tummy.
When you practice deep breathing you can feel it all the way down there.

Breathe in, allowing your rib cage and belly to expand as you inhale.

Breathe like a baby breathes - all the way.

Give yourself a nice big breath as you read the words below.

This breathing will also restore your energy and
improve mental clarity.

Some say it even helps with weight loss ! ! ! !
See the beauty all around you

Slow down your mind by practicing a cleansing calmness.

Here are some thoughts to help you along:

If I have harmed any living being, intentionally or unintentionally,
I ask forgiveness.

If any living being has harmed me, intentionally or unintentionally, I offer

If I have harmed myself, intentionally or unintentionally, I forgive myself.
I send my good wishes to:

1. Myself

2. A Dear Friend

3. A Mentor

4. A Neutral Person

5. A Difficult Person
May I be peaceful.

May I be happy.

May I live with ease and well being.

May I care for myself joyfully.

May I be free from inner and outer harm.

May I be filled with lovingkindness.

May I come to freedom in this very life.
Just as I wish to be peaceful, may you be peaceful also.

Just as I wish to be happy, may you be happy.

Just as I wish to live with ease and well being, may you do so also.

Just as I wish to be free from harm, may you be free from harm also.

Just as I wish to be filled with lovingkindness, may you be filled also.

Just as I wish to be free, may you be free also.

May I be like a gentle rain that falls upon the earth;

it does not choose where it falls, it simply falls without discrimination.
Loving Kindness Begins with Ourselves

It is only when I take a kind and compassionate view of myself
that I can really feel friendly to others.

It is only then that I can really open my heart to others.

I make this connection with myself.

By so doing I reduce and eliminate suffering for myself
and also the suffering for others.

I forgive myself, realizing that I am only human.

I forgive others by realizing that they are only human.

I let go of  anything and everything that does not bring me
peace and well being.

I realize that I cannot change the past, so why should I carry the past as a
burden to create more and more suffering for myself and others.
This is my destiny.

I use loving kindness to relate to unpleasant situations and unpleasant

I do not give unpleasant experiences more power or more energy.

I accept the lessons this experience is bringing me and move forward.

I see goodness in myself.

I see beauty in myself.

I acknowledge all of my skill, wisdom and potential.

The more I recognize my own goodness,
the more goodness I have to offer to others.
I am growing so much kindness in myself
that it spills over to others and blesses everything that I do.

It is easy for me to show compassion in my actions and words.

As I bring more joy to others I am filled with joy.
I respect all living beings.

I expect respect from all living beings.

When someone does not respect me I:

Recognize that something is broken or lost within them.

I recognize that it easier to see a withered hand than a withered heart.

We see a broken heart by how a person behaves.

I think compassionate thoughts for them, but set firm limits of what is
acceptable behavior in my presence.

If in their poor brokeness, they are not nice, I release them away from me with
my prayers that they become stronger and better.
I teach self respect to others by expecting it for myself.

I am a light and example for good, kind, loving behavior by my own conduct

I refuse to be internally diminished by unkindness.

I am a light in all I do.

I am a vehicle of grace.

My smallest actions and interactions have purpose.

I am offering my best to the world in all I do and think and say.
Am grateful and responsible for how my life is today and will be tommorow.

I work diligently to create the kind of life I wish for myself and those I love.

I see my own hands as instruments of destiny.

I continually see what I can do better and do it.

I have no fear.

I have no hesitation.
I am a pencil in the hands of God.

God is the best artist.

I allow my beautiful creator to draw with me.
I choose to be grateful.

I find that I am so blessed.

Even in my darkest hours there is a light that shines upon me.

I will count all my blessings that come to mind right now.
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Click on any item that you feel will benefit you.
Feel the life in the space just around and including you.

Direct the wishes you have for yourself towards all living beings.

Send your good wishes to all living things around you.
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